Monday, October 5, 2009

Wood Workin' It

What seems like forever ago, we pulled all the carpet off the already there wood floor. All of upstairs, the main floor and two sets of stairs have wood floor from the 60s. It actually looks pretty good, but it doesn't match the color of the kitchen wood floor (which was an update Virginia did years ago). We decided to sand them down and stain them all walnut. Great, right?

I was all for hiring out. Rob and my dad were all for hiring themselves. I walked by my dad's office on more than one occasion with a YouTube video pulled up on how to sand a wood floor yourself. Oh, dad.

They ended up renting a couple of sanders from Home Depot and went to town.

This is me filling all the holes with some paste stuff. Just doing my part.

This is how the wood floor turned out after sanded and stained by Rob. 'Grim' is what the professional called it who we had come look at it. I know, I know- listen to me next time, guys. Just kidding, they actually did a great job sanding and this pic isn't really fair since the floor is dirty. The Home Depot sanders just don't have the oomph needed to do the job, though.

Lesson learned I guess. Don't let some old guy at Home Depot (or a YouTube video) talk you into it.

So we've hired out the sanding, and then we'll just stain it ourselves. Here's our guy doing his thing.

Is anyone else creeped out he's sanding the floors barefoot?? My dad thought maybe he liked to feel the floor. I think it's because he wears these kind of shoes:

A guy wearing Birkenstock style shoes? Please. Going barefoot is his way of life.

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