Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Holy Cabinet

We picked up our cabinets from Ikea last night. Has anyone ever had to do that?? Those Swedes mean business. Before you leave, you have to go through EACH box/item, find the SKU on your checklist and then cross it off. We had four huge carts to go through. Whew.

Gina was nice enough to come over and help me with the process. She is a-mazing at doing crap like that. Thorough little bird. For some creepy reason, I kind of enjoyed doing it. Just me and big sis doing a little team work.

So I guess I'll see everyone over at my place this weekend to have a cabinet assembling party? BYODC.

Also, we spotted this guy running through our new neighborhood in church clothes the other day.

I'm sure it's only a matter of time till we're hanging.


  1. Chris and Gene dawg, putting shiz together,
    Rob, the muscle man tying it with a teather.
    House so beautiful, anyone can see,
    when can I come over, maybe a cup of tea?
    Please invite David, cute as a button,
    we'll eat some crumpets until we are glutten.

  2. Um, i'm not handy with words like Liz...but good job ladies on the team work. David? no kidding?