Monday, November 9, 2009

Light it Up

Doesn't Rob look glorious basking in the afternoon sun? I can't find a picture, but we ditched the light bulbs and the molding from the sky light. Our electrician said it was weird to have them. So rude, yet so smart.

With the kitchen remodel and moving around appliances, we found out we had to do some new wiring. Apparently Virginia's house is "illegal" in the world of electricity. What a rebel, huh? Or just unsafe. You decide.

Rob decided to upgrade all the light switches and outlets while we had the electrician over. Fabulous idea, Bob! I can't believe how much it modernized the place.

We also decided to add can lights in the living room and kitchen. The living room already had two-- which have produced pink lights all their days. Gorgeous. My dad told me years ago they burned out and he replaced them with regular lights. Virginia wasn't having it. She sent him straight back for the pink ones.

Here's some shots of the existing and new lights in the LR:

And the kitchen:

At first I was worried the kitchen might be a titch too bright, but then I read a study last week that said you're likely to eat less food in a well-lit room. I'll take it.

And check out our bonus nightlight for when Rob (me) gets scared at night:

We have one on both sets of stairs. He insisted.


  1. virginia is coming along beautifully.

  2. It is so BEAUTIFUL!!!! I'm so excited to see the finished product!!!