Thursday, November 12, 2009

Now, I ain't sayin' he a Golddigger. . .

Rob thinks he is too cool for school in this picture. Even if he's not, our new epoxy floor in the sun porch is. We love it! My dad told me he secretly thought I was crazy for putting that type of flooring in. But even he loves it. And we all know if Jim's happy, everybody's happy.

They actually have to come back and redo it though. I guess one of their rollers disintegrated while they were doing it so it looks kind of bumpy in places. You can't really tell unless you're staring right at it, but I plan to do a lot of mindless staring in that room.

Here are a few other pictures of how it turned out. P.S. Sorry the quality of pictures in this blog are all ghetto fab. I've been using Rob's phone for a lot of them. My charger got lost when we moved and I was too attached to the old one to replace it. Or just lazy.

My grandparent's had a sliding door with vertical blinds to separate the room from the kitchen. We're going to put white french doors instead.

Top the room off with my new capiz shell chandelier and some wicker furniture and we'll be laughing.

We also added the epoxy downstairs in the laundry room and bathroom. It wasn't very much more to add it, and I think it will look cool in the basement. People hanging in the family room will be dying to peek in there when they see the splash of color hiding under the door.

I had plenty of other pictures to add of the basement epoxy, but I wanted to stress how freakishly skinny Rob's legs/body are. This is what I'm up against, people. And it's not right.


  1. Aquafresh!!! Looks Amazing! I'm way freaked out by Robs legs. Daddy long leg crawling up the wall.

  2. That floor is so cool!! I see in pictures below that you didn't paint the fireplace white. Nice.
    Way freaky legs.

  3. Whoa, Skeletor. I love it. Think of the genes your daughters could get. The house is looking FAB. Damn, we're good.

    I can't wait to finish!!!

  4. You gotta update girl!!! I want pictures of the completed living room and kitchen, pronto!!!