Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hate on Me

Sorry that I've been a jerk of a blogger, guys. To be honest, I've had a brush with death. And by brush with death I mean a self diagnosis of AIDS and/or lymphoma. Not even joking. For the past couple months I've had fevers, swollen glands, bugs, flues, aches--you name it. So naturally I've come to the conclusion I probably have one of the above mentioned diseases. And even more naturally I put blogging on hold while I dealt with this.

Right now I'm in bed wearing one of Virginia's old scarves around my head, a mouth and throat full of cankers, drinking gatorade, and shaking off yet another fever. Feels right.

On the upside of my life, the house is looking good! The kitchen is all but done, the living room is looking great, and our sectional for the basement is almost here! We still have quite a bit to finish up, but it's definitely livable and we're definitely loving it.

Also, I wanted to tell everyone thanks for all the tips, advice and prayers (mom) about whether or not to paint our fireplace. I really took it all to heart.

It happened. And no one took it harder than Maxine. We still need to give it another coat and paint the mortar, but basically it's never looked better.

But that's only according to me and like 20 of my coolest friends.


  1. Love that you called us all "guys." Love your house. Love what a hypochondriac you are. It's part of your charm. Feel better, girlfriend.

  2. Poor little Christie, sick with aids and or lymphoma. Through it all, Virginia looks great!