Friday, August 28, 2009

Christie's Cafe

My cousin Karlee and I used to always play "restaurant" and that was the name of my establishment. Delicious food. There's also been a lot of delicious food emerge from Virginia's kitchen. She truly was one classy cook. Rob requests her oatmeal raisin cookies on a regular basis. Um Rob, I'm kinda busy with a home remodeling project last time I checked. JK, guys. I'm a sucker for baking cookies.

Anyway, on to my new cafe. I don't know how my dad's family of 5 kids (4 being boys) survived in that kitchen! Talk about crampville. It was a U-shaped kitchen, with a bar that was from the devil. It had cupboards above the bar so it really closed you in. Here are some shots of the kitchen and the disassembling process. (Side note: my grandma wasn't a hoarder. They were cleaning out the house the day I took some of these)

The oven didn't fit a cookie sheet. Unacceptable.

V really loved her pink.

Right through there is where the dining table went.

Jim's loving life. Ahh. Much better, right? Instead of the U-shaped kitchen, I'm going to have the counter tops and cupboards make an L-shape and put this guy where the bar used to be. Top it off with barstools on the other side.

The kitchen is really going to be fab. Jodee came up with an amazing new seating arrangement that really opens up the room. Just you wait.


  1. Even with the Kitchen totally demolished, it looks SUBSTANTIALLY better, than it did before. It is so much more open, and bright in there. Your family will LOVE being in that room now, and thank you forever, and ever, for ripping the garish and heinous Pepto-Bismol Kitchen out!!!

  2. I thought it was cute and quaint and felt happy there (from Lindsay).

  3. i have a feeling that this kitchen is going to be the bomb! i tore out those pictures of kristen bell's house after you left. they were too cute to not have for myself!