Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Stripping Down

The wallpaper is gone. Big sigh of relief. Also, the exterior color is gone. It was pink. Tasteful? Questionable. But hey, Virginia loved it so that's all that matters. Grandma's can get away with cute pink houses. I want people in the neighborhood to respect me, and I'm really thinking this new taupe is going to lay down the law. Here are some before and after's.

This isn't the best pic since the shutters were already taken down, but you get the idea.

We still need to paint the trim white, ditch the screen door, and paint the shutters and front door black, but overall I think it's screaming "responsible young adult's home".

Oh, and check out the bonus in the backyard!

My sister's and I totally thought this was a playhouse for us when my grandpa started building it 20ish years ago. No such luck. We all had a rough couple weeks when we found out it was just a shed. Still kinda hurts.

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