Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Object of My Affection

That was Rob's face after I told him I wanted to paint this little baby white:

I had a lot to think about after he told me he wanted to keep it as is.

Even little Max was pretty freaked out when I told him what Rob was thinking.

Rob and I are having a little lovers spat about what to do with the hearth. I want it painted white, he wants it left in its original state. To be honest, I think he’s trying to impress my parents. They’re basically threatening to cut me out of their lives if I paint it. All I hear is this and that about how old the brick is, how special it is, blah blah. I’m not going to lie, my mom has even shed a few tears and thrown some spiritual comments in about it. Not buying it, Maxine. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate things in their original state of beauty. Joan Rivers used to be a knockout. But there’s a time and a place-- and this hearth needs a face lift, people! And if it ends up looking bad, it’s all Jodee’s fault. It was her idea and I wanted to leave it as is. I just wish Tim was here to talk some sense into everybody.


  1. I'm no help here. I love old brick....

  2. Love the new blog, Christie!

    I always thought Grandpa and Grandma's house had such character and charm... it just needed a little "work". I'm excited to see the improvements you guys are doing to make it your own. I'll check in often!


    P.S. For what it's worth, I vote keeping the brick as is. I think it would be one of the few features of the original house that would still add to its charm and character.

  3. woo!! I love the new blog. Love Virginia, love the brick, love you.
    But woah now, don't you go touching that brick! Maxine's right. It actually looks really charming and vintage-y.

  4. Having painted the "old" brick white in our home in Orem and never, I mean never being happy about it...for what it is worth...I, too, vote original. But remember, I am old and need a major remodel, myself.
    Love, Aunt K in Cache

  5. Are you painting the wood paneling behind it? Cause if you paint that white, keep the brick the original color and the white molding around the fireplace to bring it all together. It will really make the fireplace pop.

  6. I hope you don't mind I found your blog through Jodee's blog. You are so funny and I can't wait to see the progress on the house. We all need to get together some time. Good luck with everything on the house.

  7. Hey I just found your blog, love it. Hope you don't mind if I add it onto mine. I love being able to see what everyone from the "old glory" days is up to! Valerie Randall Ford

  8. it's your house. if you want to paint it, i say PAINT IT!

  9. Well I'm hoping that tommy's talk to rob about letting you paint it worked because tommy is really fashionable and has a great opinion. Heck I let him pick my outfits out in the morning...that is trust is judgement. The McNeilis Fam Dam is supporting you in the new face lift for that classy hearth!